Kundalini yoga is the once-secret, magic wand of the ancient yogas.

It’s a highly vibrational science with powerful easy-to-learn techniques that rocket you beyond your perceived limitations to a new level of mastery in life.

That’s why kundalini yoga is the preferred daily practice of visionaries, entrepreneurs, change makers, rockstars, athletes, and millionaires. Get ready to join the club.

The key is to consistently use the tools to achieve personal excellence and develop the courage to live in harmony with your inner greatness.

Maria Huarte has completed Level Two Modules. Private instruction for busy individuals, or weekend workshops for small groups.

Kundalini Yoga laut die 3HO macht happy, healthy und holy. 

Die Hauptkomponenten des Yoga sind die Haltungen und Bewegungen (Kriya) Pranayama (Atempratiken), Meditationen sowie rhythmische Mantra und eine tiefe Entspannung. Das bildet eine Komplete Yogaübung für jeden Alter und Körperstil.

The only requirement is your desire to give it a try. The only limitation is that of your mind.